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Gouda Cheese

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Are you looking for Gouda cheese? You don’t have to go to Gouda to taste it! The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store has three stores in the centre of Amsterdam. They sell the most delicious cheeses from Holland and of course Gouda Cheese cannot lack.

The name of Gouda Cheese

If you’ve ever been in a supermarket around the world, you probably saw ‘Gouda Cheese’. This is not the original cheese. The original cheese is founded in Holland, but the name was not protected. This means that everybody around the world can use the name for their product. Gouda is a Dutch city. And although many people think that the cheese is made in Gouda, that is not why it has this name. It has it’s name because it was traded there. These days you can find one of the left commercial cheese markets of Holland.

Taste Gouda Cheese

Do you want to taste Gouda cheese? And not only Gouda cheese, but 5 different types of cheese combined with suiting wines? Make sure to reserve a spot at the cheese tasting of the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. During this one and a half hour tasting, you will learn everything you need and want to know about this Dutch brand and Gouda cheese.  On top of that, you will taste the most delicious cheeses Holland holds combined with suiting wines set together by a true sommelier. Who better than a sommelier can tell you what wine goes great with cheese?

About Old Amsterdam

The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is a well-known brand in Holland. In March 2013 the first store was opened in Amsterdam and ever since it has been a huge success. Do you want to experience Gouda Cheese and all the other cheeses from Holland? Don’t hesitate to stop by when in Amsterdam.

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